About Me

Photography ... to me ... is a way to preserve and share moments in time. My love of photography began with my quest to take better photographs of my grandchildren. After taking quite a few classes ... both in the classroom and online ... I found that I had a deep love for nature photography and for landscapes and wildlife.

I have broadened that love into portraiture as well. There is no aspect of photography that I don't love.

In addition to the passion for taking great photographs is my love for taking old, worn and tarnished photographs from bygone eras and restoring and preserving them.

I hope you enjoy my photography.  All photos are available for purchase from the galleries by clicking the "blue" buy button located to the top right of each photo on the gallery page or by clicking on an individual photo and clicking the "blue" buy button in the bottom right corner.   In addition, there is a link at the bottom left of the page titled "prints and gifts" that allows you to purchase merchandise displaying a photo.